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The Hudson Division is one of the most scenic and interesting sections of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. Running north/south from Penn Station in New York City to Albany-Rensselaer, the Hudson Division follows the course of the Hudson River and offers beautiful vistas, charming old railway stations, and the special character of the river itself.

However, it’s not just the scenic landscapes that attract railfans to this area. In 1992, when Pentrex documented the line with two video releases, the Hudson Division was FL-9 country. We’ll take you aboard one of these classic diesels and also treat you to a cab ride on a Turbo Train. Get ready for an exciting tour of the Hudson Division! Included on this combo DVD are:
Along the Hudson Division.
Join us in the cab and trackside from Penn Station, NYC north to Albany-Rensselaer. The line is home to both Metro North’s and Amtrak’s fleet of Electro-Motive FL-9 diesel-electric/electrics. These unique locomotives are the highlight of our tour, but we’ll also see Amtrak Turbos, Metro North MU cars, and Conrail freights. See Amtrak’s Westside line from the cab as the train snakes out of cavernous Penn Station. Cross over the newly rebuilt Spuyten Duyvil Bridge, and ride along the shore in this exciting, beautiful journey.

Amtrak’s Turbo Trains Cab Ride.
Climb aboard an Amtrak Turbo Train for a high-speed run south along the Hudson Division. The ride is as smooth as it is fast and the scenery is spectacular. You’ll see Conrail freights flash past and meet other Amtrak trains on their northbound journeys. Once in Metro North territory, you’ll see Metro trains – classic FL-9s and MU cars – busily rushing New York commuters off to the City. Nearing NYC, the line diverges onto Amtrak’s Westside track. We cross over the bridge at Spuyten Duyvil and end our Turbo Train adventure at Penn Station.


  • Region Code 0, Plays on NTSC DVD players worldwide
  • Color, Live Sound and Narration


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