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Once leading the country’s finest passenger trains on high-speed schedules, the last remaining fleet of Electro-Motive E-units worked during their later years pulling commuter trains in Chicago. Pentrex filmed these timeless machines in the early 1990s, capturing their sleek lines and throaty exhaust in exciting line-side action and thrilling cab ride footage just before they were retired from Metra duty. For a nostalgic look at rare power actively still at work and the engineer’s view of the route they travel, treat yourself to Burlington Northern E-Units, Along the Racetrack!

Climb up into the cab of BNE-9 #9914 and ride the entire line from Chicago’s Union Station out to Aurora. Watch as the engineer skillfully brings the machine from notch 8 to a screaming stop at stations along the line. Listen as the throttle is ratcheted through the notches and the dual-engine machine responds with rumbling exhaust talk. You’ll get a view of the triple track BN mainline as you’ve never seen it before! The afternoon Dinky Parade, as the railroaders call it, is a dispatcher’s nightmare, with train after train scheduled for action. The route to Aurora is filled with curves, bridges, and scenic stations and many thrilling meets occur as you speed down the “racetrack.”


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