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This is the story of the passenger train that changed the face of America. Railroading was never again the same after Ralph Budd, president of the CB&Q Railroad, sent his diesel powered sensation, the new Zephyr, hurtling down the rails, non-stop from Denver to Chicago, 1017 miles in 785 minutes. This is not only the story of that run, photographed from the ground, the air and on board, but also the story of the Burlington Route’s all stainless fleet: Twin Cities Zephyr, The Denver Zephyr, The California Zephyr and another dozen Zephyrs.

It shows the beginnings of internal combustion passenger trains and includes Budd’s only major competitor, The Union Pacific all aluminum M-10,000. The final scenes of the California Zephyr on Soldier Summit and in the Feather River Canyon include some of the best vintage color footage there is of this famous train.


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