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If you love trains, whether you are a serious Railfan enthusiast, tourist, or just love Steam Trains then this is one DVD you are sure to enjoy over and over again! Its A Spectacular Rail Adventure deep into the mountains of West Virginia! Step back in time and journey with us by rail as we take you up scenic mountains, through picturesque valleys and wooded hills, and across the magnificent scenic countryside of West Virginia to see what The CASS SCENIC RAILROAD looked like yesterday and how it still looks in operation today with the totally refurbished Shay Locomotives leading the way. Through the use of rare photographs, historical footage, crew interviews, and spectacular archival films, you will learn the fascinating 100 year plus story of this world famous railroad! And, through the use of exclusive digital video, on-board, trackside, and aerial drone footage, you will experience the close-up sights and sounds of the original steam-driven Shay locomotives, now refurbished and working today including Shay Numbers 5, 11 and the Big 6 . The Cass Scenic Railroad is one of the top rail fan and tourist destinations in the world and now you can experience all it has to offer in this one-of-a-kind video production you will watch over and over again, no matter what your age! It is as close to being there as possible!!


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