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This book examines the history of high speed trains around the world, beginning with Japanese bullet trains of the 1960s. It covers not just the trains, but the problems and solutions for the lines on which they run, leading up to and including the latest Chinese locomotives. Table of Contents include: A History of Fast Trains, 1885 to 1981 * The Technology for High Speed: Track, Signalling, Power * Considerations for High Speed Rail in Australia * Japan – The Shinkansen: New Gauge, New Track, New Trains * France – The TGV: New Trunk Lines but Compatibility to Use Existing Termini * Britain – The HST: Fast Diesel Trains and Electric Successors * The US and the Northeast Corridor * Germany – The ICE: Massive Engineering Combined With Compatibility * The High Speed Diaspora in Europe * Spain – Imported and Local Designs: AVE and Alvia * China, Korea, and Taiwan – Progressive Development * Australia – Potential Limited by Trackwork


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