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A Grand Circle Tour

Noted rail expert Steve DeGaetano welcomes you aboard for this definitive, in-depth history of the Disneyland Railroad, with hundreds of vintage and current photos, and a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of how Disney operates its system of trains, stations, and roundhouse.

The story of the Disneyland Railroad begins with its chief engineer, Walt Disney, whose love for the steam locomotives of his youth led his Imagineers to create the same experience for millions of park guests, with continuous service for over six decades.

DeGaetano reveals this fascinating world unseen by most Disneyland guests, with:

  • A history of the five Disneyland locomotives, and how a steam engine works
  • What the train crew—engineer, fireman, conductor—really do, and why they’re the most highly trained of Disney cast members
  • A history of the Disneyland train stations, as well as a special chapter on the famous Lilly Belle
  • What it’s like inside the Disneyland roundhouse, where the steam trains are maintained and repaired
  • Plus builder’s plates, conductor’s badges, spiels, collectibles, and much more

Welcome aboard, ladies and gentlemen, for a “grand circle tour” of the Disneyland Railroad!


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