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“Women of the Rails”

This is a collection of fun old vintage (Turn of the Century) Railroad films, where women were the heroes in the stories. Great short stories from the past. Also, There is a very rare unknown film called “The Runaway Special” that is a lost piece of film history. We hope you’ll enjoy!

1st Film; “Lonedale Operator”. A 1911 short American film directed by D.W. Griffith and written by Mack Sennett. This is a narrated version. 10:54

2nd Film; “Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life”. This is a 1913 film is a silent comedy short, directed and produced by Mack Sennett and starring Mack Sennett, Mabel Normand and Barney Oldfield himself. 14:04

3rd Film; “Hazards Of Helen”. 1915 Included 2 of our favorites on this DVD. 1st, “Wild Engines” and 2nd, “Wrong Train Order”. Silent and fun to see. 28:20

4th Film; “Asleep at the Switch”. 1923, This is Actually 2 short films. 1st, “Mother-in-law” and 2nd the film is Produced by Mack Sennet, called “Asleep at the Switch”. 6:48s

5th Film; “Southern Exposure “. 1928 film. Connie Chase receives a letter from Chase County, Kentucky, informing her that her lawyer husband, Jimmie, is a descendant of the Blue Grass State Chases. 21:27

6th Film; “Romance of the Rails”. 3 short films. 1st, 1905; “The Runaway Special”- Stars Frances Lenoir and Produced by Ernest M. Reynolds, very RARE. 2nd, 1905; A trip to Salt Lake City. A spoof on Mormon polygamy. 3rd, 1903 film called Romance on the Rails.. All are silent so we added a soundtrack to them. We hope you’ll enjoy. 10:14

We are a small American family business, mostly father & son that collects old films. Our goal is to save old films from the trash heap and digitize them in HD for future generations. Although we are not Hollywood, we think that you’ll like these old historic films too.


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